ERIC – Eric is part of our tenor section and is a frequent soloist within the Chorus.

artistic director

As a non-profit community chorus, the DCC thrives because of ticket sales and donations by generous community members.

Joshua Brodbeck is the artistic director of the Delaware Community Chorus. 


SUSANNA – Not only does Susanna have a beautiful soprano voice, she also frequently brings warm, homemade cookies to rehearsals!

DAGMAR – Dagmar sings alto and has been with the Chorus for many seasons.

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We are a group of enthusiastic singers from Delaware, Ohio and the surrounding communities. Under the direction of Joshua Brodbeck, our artistic director, we perform two showcase concerts per year. One in December is largely focused on traditional Christmas music and classical sacred music. The other concert held in Spring, generally in early May, often varies in format. Our diverse works frequently include both contemporary and classical music.